Crane services - For reliable crane services!

Professional crane services are provided by our selected supplier Hüffermann Krandienst. Intelligent networking helps to ensure that we arrive on your premises in a swift and timely manner, at less cost to you.

Hüffermann Company fleet includes 19 vehicles weighing between 30t and 220t, along with recovery trucks and truck-mounted loading cranes. Cranes weighing up to 500 t can also be supplied. All this leaves us particularly well-equipped to handle virtually any load-handling mission on your behalf.

Our highly-experienced crane operators guarantee the professional completion of all your goods-handling tasks. We are also highly efficient when it comes to health and safety: The safe completion of all our operational tasks ensures that our safety certificate is renewed each year without a glitch.

Vossmann Logistics - for reliable crane services!

Our crane fleet

  • Mobile cranes
  • Track-laying cranes
  • Truck-mounted cranes