Loading operations / Partial-load operations - On-time loading and delivery!

When it comes to loading and partial-load operations, you can count on two things: timely delivery and low freight costs. Our smooth-running logistics operation also makes it viable to send smaller shipments. We put smaller deliveries into a single main shipment as part of a low-cost bundled solution.

We can also arrange urgent delivery on your behalf professionally done and to anywhere in Europe.

Our formula of excellent price-to-performance ratio combined with top quality and simple pricing procedures is what ensures customer satisfaction and repeat orders.

Vossmann logistics on-time loading and delivery!

Fleet of goods-handling vehicles

  • Box vans and trailers (open and flatbed)
  • Tractor units with 13.6 m trailers (open and flatbed)
  • Semi-low-loaders (open and flatbed)
  • Extendible low loaders (up to 4.5 m)