Escorting / Traffic-management operations - For uncomplicated escort services!

Our selected supplier Abeln GmbH, a highly-experienced firm specialising in the field, is on hand to ensure the reliable completion of our transport operations. The company organises the corresponding traffic-management measures, adapting and extending the means of transit as required.

Thanks to a mile-by-mile knowledge of the routes concerned and access to the latest technical equipment, we are able to ensure the trouble-free transport of your heavyweight shipments.

Our escort vehicles manned by trained and experienced drivers help to ensure that your shipment arrives safely and on time. All operations are carried out in close cooperation with the competent authorities, without any trouble or bother for our customers.

Vossmann Logistics - for uncomplicated escort services!

Traffic-management operations

  • Route testing and planning / photographic records
  • Modification and extension of transport routes
  • Safety measures / vehicle signage / site clearance
  • Escorting of heavy goods transport operations
  • Workshop vehicles / elevating-platform vehicles / heavy-load supports